1) What flavor are your cookies?

Our cookies are vanilla and almond flavored. (almond is optional)

2.) What is a custom order? 

A custom order is when you order personalized designs outside of our general pre-designed cookies and boxed sets. It involves you detailing your special cookies and me helping make your cookie vision into reality. 

3.) How much do custom cookies cost?

Custom cookies start at $52 per dozen and there are up to 4 designs/shapes with each dozen.

4.) How do I order? 

Fill out the inquiry form that lists all your event details. You tell me the occasion, and show me things you love and the price will be based on design. You will receive an email with any additional information needed and quote.

5.) How far in advance should I order?/What is your turnaround time?

Please keep in mind this is a home based business, and although I would love to take your next day orders, I can’t. Please allow at least 2 week notice. The more notice the better. If order is placed within the same week a rush fee will be attached (does not include DIY boxes). I generally recommend placing your order as soon as you finalize the dates for your event.

6.) Do you ship?

Yes, but only within the state of Texas currently. Shipping starts at $10, but prices are based on weight and box size.


I hate when this happens! However we do our very best to ensure the cookies are secured in bubble wrap so that no cookies will arrive broken. In the event any cookie arrives broken Adoughable is not responsible and no refund will be given.



Melanin Poppin' Cookies